Morse Mountain: January 2014

Hidden away in Phippsburg, Maine, is Morse Mountain. Protected and studied by Bates College, Morse Mountain and its trail down to Seawall Beach provide a welcome escape from Maine’s crowded, fan-favorite beaches like Crescent, Old Orchard, and Popham (of which Seawall is a conservation-protected extension.)

Sadly, and thankfully, the two mile hike to the beach dissuades many from attending the beach, where balls, dogs, frisbees, and all that may endanger the flora and fauna are prohibited.

What that leaves is a glimpse into what Maine may have looked like before it became Vacationland, and an explanation of what made it a national tourist destination.

Mackworth Island 3/14

Mackworth Island 3/14

After a winter of unparalleled bitterness, it seemed as though things would be warming up. Much like the “weather scientists” in the abysmal film “2012,” we were wrong.

Dead wrong.

With temperatures back down to single digits, the back afforded at least one more opportunity to see frozen swells before the thaw.

We can all hope the harsh winter will be matched by an equally beautiful summer.