“Cold Therapy”

Dr. Rod Nadeau is an adventure-based counselor. He takes extremely at-risk youth from around southern Maine on outdoor excursions (mountain biking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, etc.) to broaden horizons, knock down cognitive barriers, and to educate students about the difference between unhealthy risks (drugs, violence, crime) and healthy risks.

During the bitter Maine winters, he takes students out to a secret climbing spot and teaches them the basics of what many consider a dangerous, intimidating sport.



he·lix (ˈhēliks)
1. an object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wire wound uniformly in a single layer around a cylinder or cone

It’s hard to quite fathom exactly how the artist managed to get his glass to form such a complex, ordered form, but it’s truly amazing to behold. Each fine, translucent vein was mere millimeters, the entire shape barely larger than a volleyball.

House of LMD: Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2014

House of LMD, a Toronto-based design firm led by Lori Morris, teamed up with esteemed floral designer Preston Bailey to produce this centerpiece for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Over the course of the weekend, thousands came get their chance to see this work of art, as well as guess exactly how many hand-crafted silk roses were used in its creation.

Alongside the photos that were posted over that weekend, Bertoni Media created this short promotional video to show just what it was like being there in person.