Mackworth Island has, for the first time in memory, a family of foxes on the island. Perhaps it’s due to the return of turkeys to the island, or maybe it is the cause of the suspiciously small groundhog population.

Kennebec Street

In Portland, located between a landfill and an oddly placed Whole Foods, is Kennebec Street. Once a shipping and warehouse center of Portland, it is now broken down, decaying, and neglected. The pavement is cracked and worn away from years of disrepair, revealing the old cobblestone pathways that used to cross through Portland. Though not a destination, and certainly nowhere one would want to be at night, there is far from nothing to see there.

Hope Elephants

Miles away from the interstate, hidden in a small, mountain town in Maine, is something quite remarkable. Behind two sets of fences stare two giant, endangered beasts: Rosie and Opal, the two residents of the Hope Elephant Preserve. These Asian elephant matriarchs, saved from abuse at circuses, now call this small town home. At the facility, they are given proper diet and exercise, which they likely have not had in their entire lives.

They are the spokes-elephants of Maine’s fight against poaching.