Fort Knox (No, Not That One…)

In Prospect, Maine, not far from the Penobscot Narrows, American soldiers constructed a heavily fortified military base to defend the highly-contested waterway from British invasion. And Canadian invasion. And Southern invasion.

Except, it never happened.

Despite decades under construction and numerous threats from enemies both internally and abroad, Fort Knox was never finished until it was damn near obsolete – construction began during the Revolutionary War and didn’t finish until the lights were beginning to dim on the nineteenth century.

While it had batteries capable of hosting nearly two hundred cannons and a host of howitzers, it only received seventy-two at its heyday. The sleeping quarters for soldiers remained unfinished, requiring those same men to request additional funds to build a temporary wooden structure, where they stayed, for the duration of their deployment during the Civil War.

Regardless of its inability to live up to its designed function, it remains a stalwart example of Maine’s strategic importance, American craftsmanship, and the undying American desire to over-prepare for military conflict.


Summer Got My Post-Processing Gears A-Turning

I don’t know about you, but I need sunlight to get me kicked out of the winter funk. Here in Maine, we’d had about a solid month of pure rain, until last week. When the temperatures finally picked up, it was time to get back outside and exploring.

Lately, I’d been hung up on how my final images were looking, but I couldn’t figure out why. They were looking crisper than ever, thanks to a new rig, but they felt cold. Sterile. In an effort to bring a bit more life to my shots, I jumped into Lightroom and got to tweaking.

After a few hours, I had reached a point where, for the first time in quite a while, I was happy. First and foremost, I was missing film grain. In my relentless quest for clarity, I was making my photos look SUPER digital. I was smoothing out any semblance of graininess, while aiming to only shoot at ISO 100. It was great for smooth images, but lacked emotion.

That, paired with some tweaks to the color profile the a7r ii kicks out, and I got to the shots above.

Have tweaks, suggestions, or thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

“Summer’s here?” he asked, incredulously…

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With the temperatures finally rising and the days getting longer, motivation to get out and photograph is higher than ever. Two days ago, I wandered around Western Promenade around dusk, then bumped on over to LFK for a quick nightcap.

I’m glad the weather is finally playing nice with my anti-winter disposition.