WEX & Rippleffect


Non-profits will always be near and dear to my heart. I cut my teeth doing work with these organizations, who gave a young, inexperienced, eager videographer the opportunity to get his hands dirty, make some impressions, and try out techniques that may not have flown with agencies and corporations.

Whenever I get the opportunity to tie my work back to non-profits, I invariably say yes.

The stories are so easy to tell. They are stories of hope, of success, of grit and determination. They are stories of underdogs and overcoming tremendous odds. The are stories that always, always work. They hit hard, have true emotional roots, and have to the power to substantially improve lives.

Last week, I went out to Cow Island with WEX to film their work for Rippleffect, a fantastic local non-profit, which I attended nearly fifteen years ago, that brings kayaking and outdoor, experiential learning to students in Maine. It was a blast to spend a gorgeous day with a group of passionate people helping strengthen a program that I strongly believe in.

Check out their site, consider sending your kids, and maybe even donate!

What the Heck is an HRA?

Apropos of the political situation around healthcare, it’s about damn time someone explained the proliferation of acronyms: HSA, HRA, COBRA, it’s all a little daunting. Back in April, I worked with WEX’s Health line of business to record interviews with industry experts to explain some of these new healthcare trends.

Check out this, the second episode, wherein HRAs are explained.

United Way Day of Caring

For the last three years, I have been fortunate enough to take part in the United Way of Greater Portland‘s Day of Caring. The UW brings together employees from some of the largest organizations in Southern Maine to provide a day of community service.

In the past, we have served at food pantries, school supply distribution centers, and more, all in the service of creating a stronger community.

Each year, I have put together a video for WEX, one of the companies involved, that highlights the work they do and reaffirms their corporate culture and dedicated to community.

Give it a watch!

WEX + Priority Bicycles

For the last year, WEX has worked to earn its place as an industry-leading workplace. To achieve that, they have moved forward with some amazing perks, benefits, and changes to the corporate workplace and culture. This has included paid volunteer days, parental time off, and new offices.

Last week, however, was possibly the coolest change in recent memory: a fleet of corporate bicycles. Working with Priority Bicycles of NYC, WEX has added fifteen bikes to help employees commute around our four South Portland buildings.

Watch the video for some interviews with WEXers and Priority Bicycles about the program.

WEX Superhero Suit-Up

Each year, WEX presents at NAFA, the largest fleet and trucking industry event in the country. And, every year, they need to step up their booth to earn the eyes and hearts of potential clients and partners.

This year, they worked with Genuine, an agency out of Boston, to develop their very own custom video game, and I was tasked with coming up with a catchy, interesting way to promote it.

Looking to superhero movies and NFL intros, we put together a challenge from a WEX executive that not many could pass up…