Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project


I was proud to partner with Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project on their Celesoiree event again in 2019. This non-profit helps bring pro-bono legal representation to immigrants and refugees to streamline their path to citizenship, and this event is their single largest fundraising avenue each year.

As the grandson of immigrants, it is tremendously important to me that we provide clear avenues to citizenship for aspiring Americans. We are all stronger together, and finances should not stop a passionate individual from finding their place here.

SnugHouse – Firefly


Earlier this month, folk-pop quartet SnugHouse released their second EP, “Like Water.” I’ve been fortunate enough to work with them over the past year to capture some video of their performance style, but this was their first attempt at a music video.

Band leader Nikhil did an awesome job choreographing this piece and, after a surprisingly small number of takes, we got this one-shot video showing their namesake apartment building.

Take a peek, and give them a follow on Spotify!

SnugHouse – Irie


The latest SnugHouse video has debuted! It’s amazing to see how far this band has come over the last year. In fact, you can catch them this Sunday at the Old Port Fest in Portland, Maine.

Check out their newest single, which I was privileged to film.

CodeX – Horizon Program


Since I was young, I was always lucky to have a computer at my fingertips, whether it was my dad’s PowerMac or the LCII in the school computer lab. To say that this access was formative in my life would be a huge understatement – I spend nearly every day in front of a computer, and that early understanding made learning video editing, compositing, graphic design and more incredibly intuitive.

When I found out that WEX was working with the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maine to provide laptops to students interested in coding, I knew I had to be there to document it. If any of the CodeX participants finish 12 hours of coding in their own time, they will get their very Chromebook to continue their learning.

As the number of technical and programming-based roles continue to grow and the number of qualified graduates struggles to keep up, it is more important than ever that we encourage students to explore STEM subjects.

Check the video to learn more.

Here’s a Puppy



Looking through my archived posts, I realized that there is just WAY too much business-related content on here. But let’s be real for a moment: everyone knows that what people REALLY want is puppies.

There are cat people and there are dog people. Most people, whether they fall into camp A or B, think kittens are cute. What there aren’t are people who don’t like puppies. They are fluffy little balls of love and energy. When they bite you, it doesn’t even hurt, and people misconstrue those little acts of aggression as playing. And it’s STILL cute.

So, here you go! An adorable puppy.

FocusMaine – Small Business Video


Last year, I worked with FocusMaine, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the prevalence of internship programs in the state, to create a video intended to convince businesses of the need for strong internship experiences as a talent pipeline.

Working with key stakeholders at companies like WEX, L.L.Bean, and MedRhythms, we worked to craft a story that does justice to the strengths of these Maine-based companies and why interns and businesses alike should work toward creating these networks for young professionals.

Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project – Leandre, Former Client


The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project is a Portland-based non-profit that provides free legal services to immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers across the state of Maine.

When Leandre arrived in America, forced out by instability in his home country, he began again at square one. Left behind were his friends, his family, his possessions, and everything that he had worked so hard to attain. As he began to rebuild a life and a home, Leandre faced a new challenge: the legal intricacies that come with attempting to gain legal status in the United States. That’s where ILAP came in. Working closely with Leandre, they helped him work through the complex legal documents and procedure that mark the beginning of any immigrant’s life in America.

Listen to him tell his story. For more information, or to find out how to support the organization, visit