Kicked off a trip to the Cayman Islands with a visit to Hell’s own post office. An odd geological formation on the northwest point of Grand Cayman, the spot was a choice birdwatching location as well as a cool photo opportunity. Hints of the Giant’s Causeway and the Burren, but in a tropical locale.

Next stop was the west coast of the island, where the ocean was too violent to entertain the idea of a swim, but it made for some dramatic waves.

Thankfully, along the way was the Cayman Turtle Center, where I checked out some sharks, a big ol’ croc, and hundreds of green turtles. Something about the place was a bit sad, but I was heartened to hear that they are the only place to achieve two generations of green turtles bred in captivity, which reintroduces thousands of animals to the Caribbean Sea each year, with a survival rate 50-200x greater than wild bred animals.

2 thoughts on “ Hell (and other worthwhile tourist destinations) ”

  1. Keep posting! Living vicariously … and amid the first Maine storm of the season. Been to the turtle farm. Yes, sad for sure, but if it give hope … XOXO

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