Photo Contest: Marsh Madness

Located between Route One and Scarborough Beach (but before the brilliantly named “Massacre Pond,” the story behind which I’m not certain I want to know) is Scarborough Marsh. Biddeford Savings, a local bank, is offering $500 to one photographer who can best capture the essence of the marsh, as well as an additional $500 to a non-profit of your choice.

The area is gorgeous, the wildlife endangered, and the smell nothing less than acrid. Really, it’s quite a location. Thankfully, photos capture only one sense. If you have a chance, get out there and submit your photo via their website, or the Instagram hashtag #marshmadness (cute…) to enter.

If you are looking for a possible non-profit for your donation, I’d suggest The REAL School on Mackworth Island, which serves the most at-risk students in Southern Maine, or Preble Street Resource Center, which proves to be one of the most innovative, caring, and well-run non-profits in Maine, and possibly the country.

Good luck!

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